Golemchik - 17x23
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‘Golemchik’ is my debut comic book released by NoBrow Press as part of their 17×23 line of books. In their words “17 × 23 is a graphic short story project designed to help talented young graphic novelists tell their stories in a manageable and economic format.”

Available to buy online from the NoBrow Store

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“He just wanted a friend to spend the summer with. But as friends go, golems can be a bit destructive!

Abandoned by his friends, one young boy goes searching for fun — and finds a golem on the hunt for the same. But as the two go about living out their dreams of having the best summer ever, the boy realizes that golems don’t know how to take it easy. To save his town, he’ll have to get his new friend under control!”

24 pp | 170 × 230mm | Colours: CMYK | ISBN: 9781907704796